Tuesday 31 December 2013

Random Photos

A round up of some random photos taken over the past couple of months...

Sunset at the Heijo Palace, Nara.
Kofuku-ji, Nara.
Interesting bicycle parking solution, Namba, Osaka.
Sunset from Nigatstu-do, Nara.
Guell BMX school, Nara.
Che, Umeda, Osaka.
Old Shimano sign at Kita Cycle, Koriyama.
Another sunset at Heijo.
Resting up in Koriyama

Toshodai-ji entrance,Nara.
A Guell night ride back in November to the Sun Rock Cafe, Nara.
The HEP Five Wheel, Umeda, Osaka.
A night time shot at Heijo palace.
Reflection of Hokke-ji, Nara.
Yet another sunset shot at Heijo!
Big City, Bright Lights! Umeda, Osaka..
The mighty De La Soul were here back in November. Unfortunately we never made the show but it is a good excuse for a bit of a Daisy Age revival...

On that note we would like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year, thanks for reading and see you all in 2014!

Friday 27 December 2013

Omiya Keirin, Saitama

Our good friend Hiroshi sent us these rather fine photos he took at Omiya Keirin in Saitama prefecture earlier this week...

It certainly looks somewhat more up to date than our local Nara keirin that's for sure, they seem to have golf buggies for the staff while we have mama-chari's!! Arigato to Hiroshi for sharing these great pictures.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Mount Wakakusa Nightride

Preparing for a cold night ride at Guell, Nara.
Out on a cold winter night with the Guell crew yesterday for a night ride with a difference. Instead of a cruise round the streets and then heading to a cafe, last night we were mountain climbing! An off road, pitch black climb through the forest up to the summit of Mount Wakasuka...

Flying through Nara Koen, past Todai-ji
The dark and the cold and the knackering climb made it somewhat difficult to get good or even passable photos, theses are the best of a bad bunch...

A rest stop half way up.
After what seemed like hours (it was only about 40 minutes!) we arrived at the top, the views over Nara made all the sweating and gear grinding and walking on the way up well worth the effort...

Nara by night.

Fresh coffee was prepared to warm us all up...

As expected, out of the darkness came the Shika, just as friendly and curious by night as they are during the day...

Then it was time for the descent, again pitch dark and freezing cold whilst speeding down a mountainside, serious fun!

A very brief rest stop at a police station on the way down.
Then back to the brightly lit streets of Nara...

A great, if somewhat tiring night. Arigato to Toshio-san and Susumu-san and the whole Guell crew. Susumu has posted his much better photos from the night up on the Guell blog.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Nara Keirin 11-12-13

We managed to catch the tenth and final race on the second day of a three day F2 meeting at Nara Keirin today. A cold, windy and sometimes wet day thankfully cleared for the riders at sunset. Nothing much else to add really, just a straightforward race. Here are the photos...


In case you were wondering, the race was won by number 9, with numbers 1 and 2 taking second and third. Until next time sports fans, be lucky!