Thursday 28 January 2016

3Rensho CX

A few detailed shots of a very nice 3Rensho cyclocross bike spotted at the 10th round of KNSCX in Sakai, Osaka earlier this month...

Check out that headtube gusset/bridge...

And that somewhat familiar "triple triangle" at the seat cluster...

Here it is out on the start line...

Monday 25 January 2016

The Bikes @ KNSCX Round 10

A round up of all the bikes shot at the Sakai leg of KNSCX earlier this month. Kicking things off with some of the locally made Japanese bikes...

Nakagawa 2.
Nakagawa 3.
Macchi Cycles.
Extar Proton.
Steel Era.
It wasn't all drop bars and 32c's...

Rival Racing.
Focus MTB.
Signal belonging to one of the Hutte crew.
There were some seriously nice single speeds around too...

All City.
All City
Including this stunning Falconer...

And this very cool Felt belonging to our new friend Kim-san...

Always nice to see a bit of Surly action...

Cross Check
We still have a few more photos from the day including some detailed bike shots. They will be posted here at some point during the forthcoming weeks.


Saturday 23 January 2016

Friday Night @ GiraCha Coffee

Yoda Welcomes You.
A few shots taken last week at GiraCha Coffee. They're in the process of re-locating the main bike shop so the coffee shop is full of bikes and parts and lots of lovely accessories...

Nagasawa frame.
Hanging from the rafters are so many beautiful frames...

Frame porn.
Including a few very vintage BMX frames...

Frame Porn 2.
Kid's Bikes.
Custom Flat-1 Cony.
Fresh out of the workshop was this gorgeous custom build Cherubim...

Miyata Pongo.
Parts Porn.
Around the cafe counter are the bags and clothing...

Caps not Hats.
Gira Art.
We'll be back to report of the newly located bike shop next month. You can follow Gira Gira via their Facebook page, the GiraCha Walnut Club Instagram and the SayaCafe Instagram.

Great Coffee Too!