Friday 31 October 2014

FLAT ARK 2014【Short Highlights】

Fat And Fun

The Guell Store in Nara have a very funky little demo bike in...

A 20" mini-velo with wooden rack from the Be All Bonnet Noir range. Obviously this is no ordinary mini-velo, this is a FAT mini-velo...

We have no need or use for this bike but hot dang do we want this bike, it just screams FUN! Fat Fat Fun!

Thursday 30 October 2014


Brad's been making a few changes to his TCR...

Check out more shots of this beauty over on F-i-N.


Casualties (Filthy Habit Edition)

A rather battered looking Gan Well spotted in Ame-Mura, Osaka a couple of weeks ago...

Now being put to good use as an ashtray holder...


Wednesday 29 October 2014

Flow #6


Monochrome Track Shots

A Nara Keirin today for the first of a three day FI meeting. For some reason we switched our camera to black&white mode. The results were kind of cool...

We did shoot some colour shots today so we'll put them up here later in the week. In the mean time here's all the day's action in glorious technicolor...

Tuesday 28 October 2014


Random Shots...

It's been a while since we posted any random pictures, so in no particular order, here's a bunch from the past few months...

Curious shop bikes/repairs outside Horie Cycle, Osaka.
Horn, Osaka.
The new Glico girl, Haruka Ayase.
All City staff bike at 8to8, Osaka.
Art/bike/selfie, Osaka.
Sunset, Nara.
The "new" Master Pista branch in Higashiosaka.
Charibu team jersey at Two Pedal, Osaka.
Above the golf range, Nara.
Big wheel, Umeda, Osaka.
Crossing, Umeda, Osaka.
Backstreet, Osaka.
Che. Osaka.
Fuji @ Heijo, Nara.
Climbing to Ikoma with F-i-N
Aki-chan's Fuji Jazz @ Nara Koen.
Sunset, Nara Koen.
Sparkly Vivalo at Candyrim, Horie, Osaka.
Shika, Nara.
Fuji x Shika, nara Koen.
Osaka, Of course.

Sunday 26 October 2014

Saitama Criterium 2014

Our very good friend and east Japan correspondent, Hiroshi, was down at the second Saitama Criterium yesterday. He got himself a good spot and sent us over some great shots. The day started with a ride around the course for the general public...

And then the big boys arrived...

In case you don't want to know the final result we won't mention it but you can get a full rundown here. A big thank you to Hiroshi for sharing these photos, we owe you a coffee next time you are in Nara!