Monday 28 November 2016

Late Autumn Afternoon

A little bit of local flavour and a sunset ride around Heijo...

 Still some colour around...




Le Check.

Nuke & Pave.

Saturday 26 November 2016

Giracha Showroom

A bunch of shots taken at the utterly amazing Giracha showroom a few weeks back. Located just a few doors down from the Giracha Coffee shop in the original GiraGira location, this little room is a treasure trove of all things fixed, track and vintage...

Let's start with the stunning bikes on display...


Tiemeyer 2. 

A very special Nagasawa.

Vintage 1930's Hetchens.


A Samson behind a T19 X How I Roll "Minium".
And then there are the frames. They are everywhere and each one is stunning...


Rare Nagasawa with OS down tubing.




Nagasawa fleet.

Too many to list!
When it comes to parts it doesn't get any more high end or beautiful than this...

Parts cabinet.

Caps & saddles.

Campy crank porn.

Shimano crank porn.

Even more crank porn!


Bicycle jewelry.
An absolutely incredible place. Fixed gear Nirvana! A huge thank you to Giracha mechanic Hideaki for taking the time to show us and the IPA Crew this amazing room. Keep up with all the Giracha happenings by following the Instagrams of store managers Sayaka & Rene, the official Giracha page and the Giracha Walnut Club for the posh bits. Needless to say, if you are in Osaka, or Japan or Asia then go to GiraGira. It is the best fixed gear & track bike shop in the world. If you can't get there then there is always their Track Supermarket webshop.


Thursday 24 November 2016

Vintage Fisher MTB Tandem

A very nice vintage Fisher tandem MTB that was in for maintenance at 1Jyo Osaka a few weeks ago...

Follow the 1Jyo Ultimate Factory Instagram for more of this kind of thing.

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Custom Rossin CX

A very nice custom Rossin cyclocross bike shot at the opening KNSCX race in Osaka a few weeks ago...

It's rare to see Italian steel at a CX race here and this bike had a certain classy charm...

A "controversial" mix of Campy and Shimano on the drive too...

Semplicemente bello!

Sunday 20 November 2016

Cielo "ROAD RACER" 納車

Very classy Cielo roadie build by the Movement crew...

See more on the Movement blog.


Autumn hits Kyoto...


Image from here.

The Oldest Road

Gorgeous photos from last Sunday's ride over on Fixed-in-Nara...

Kokusai Keirin

A fantastic article by Bradley OG going behind the scenes at the Nagoya keirin over on Conquista...

Photo credit: Mark Morinishi
You can also see more of Bradley's fine work on his First Over Everything Instagram and YouTube channel.

bikintips シクロクロスのヒント 関西クロスりんくう フクダステップ

Sim Works Doppo @ Shiokaze Store

Very cool custom build on a Sim Works Doppo ATB by Shiokaze Store...

See the full build over on the Shiokaze Store blog.