Saturday 27 April 2013

Nara Cycle Road

A gentle ride along the Nara Cycle Road, passing the old, abandoned,  Nara Dreamland park and riding through to the Heijo Palace.

New Shops

A couple of new bicycle stores are about to open up in the Kinki area. Firstly the Guell Bicycle Store are almost ready to open their new Shiga based store, lots of exciting events taking place for the opening. You can follow the progress over on their Shiga Blog.

Secondly Brotures, already a well established high-end piste specialist store over in the east of Japan are about to open their new store in Horie, Osaka. 

We will be checking out both stores when they are up and running and report back on what we find.

Thursday 25 April 2013

Casualties Volume 5

Three more sad cases, some sadder than others...

Someone has given up on this little folder. Namba, Osaka.
More of a skeleton bike than a casualty. Nara city, Nara.
Looks worse that it actually is, nothing a new mech hanger won't fix. Namba, Osaka.

Sunday 21 April 2013

Our Rides 9

Ueda-san's very, very stylish Chris King Cielo...

The more I see of it the more I want one of my own!

Guell Pottering Ride

The sun was shining for a delightful 30Km Saturday morning ride with the Guell crew through Nara heading up to the Shirakawa Dam.

Toshio's photo of our gentle start through the Nara Deer Park.
Ueda-San takes the climbs with ease!
Then a brief rest on the way up to the dam.

Time for a bit of Parkour practice up at the dam!

Toshio's Panorama shot of the dam.
Then back down the dam...
...Through the Nara countryside..
...Heading for sandwiches and coffee at the wonderful Savas Cafe in Nara.

 Arigato to Toshio, Ueda and the Guell Crew and a special thanks to the Savas Cafe in Nara.

Ps Get well soon Mr Toepfer!

Friday 19 April 2013

Tribe @ Live & Bar Onzieme

We don't want to turn this into a club listings page but this flyer in the Stussy shop caught our eye yesterday...

Clearly inspired by the old Marvel Comic covers it's advertising the Tribe night at Live & Bar Onzieme. A flaming Death on a BMX in a Marvel style with Hip-Hop and Reggae, what's not to like?!

Custom Spokes

A stylish looking single speed bike we passed in Umeda, Osaka yesterday with some rather cool beaded customized spokes.

Friday 12 April 2013

Casualties Volume 4

A few sad looking cycles we passed in Nara today...
Red, busted and rusted.
What came first, the puncture or the parking tickets?
Don't think the owner will be back for this one.

In keeping with the theme, here is possibly the saddest song ever written...

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Funky Fixies...

A couple of very nice piste bikes we found on our travels around Osaka today. We felt that both bikes deserved a little more than just a picture in the Street Bike Gallery, so here they are...

Firstly, a Panasonic funny bike, parked up in Shinsaibashi. 

Check out that stem!
Secondly, a beautiful Vivalo track bike, hanging up outside an izakaya in Honmachi.

Hand built in Kobe...
...With a McDonald's toy accessorizing!

Monday 8 April 2013

Osaka Work Bikes Part 2

Casualties Volume 3

Out in Osaka today we passed many casualties, here's a selection...

Discarded folder, devoured Mama-Chari and a random rear wheel.
Captain Stag hasn't seen active service for a while.
Two abandoned Mama-Charis and an old office chair.
This Kona looks like it hit a mountain!
Some of us are old enough to remember when everyone wanted a pair of Kona project 2 forks.
Switch, Saddle, Swiped!

Sunday 7 April 2013

Afternoon Ride

After a weekend of wind and rain we took a brief ride around Nara this afternoon. The weather had blown much of the cherry blossom from the trees but the sun did manage to break through the clouds just before sunset.

Fully upgraded Fuji, thanks to Toshio @ Guell for fitting the cranks!
Sunset Over Nara.