Monday 30 November 2015

Chrome Industries 20th Anniversary Party

Combini stop to start the night right.
Last Friday we hooked up with Mike and F-i-N for a night ride in Osaka. Stopping off first at the Rapha store because they were having a black Friday sale and F-i-N is so roadie...

Rapha Osaka
Then it was on to Pine Brooklyn where Chrome Industries were having a 20th anniversary party...

Pine Brooklyn
A bunch of very cool bikes were racked up outside in the bicycle parking...

Of course there's a Cinelli Mash in there.
Locked up bikes.
Very, very cool bikes...

Seriously high end Low roadie
Inside Chrome had taken over the venue for a party and an exhibition...

Chrome 20 years

Chrome merch.
In collaboration with Hidden Champion magazine and a bunch of Japanese artists who each customised a Chrome Yalta backpack...

Inoue Jun
Koichiro Takagi
Mao Simmons
Toshikazu Nozaka
Ami Odawara
Skaters in the area.
Some of the guests were clearly enjoying the free bar...

Mike & F-i-N
By then it was time to head back to quiet little Nara. Cheers to Mike and Brad and the whole Chrome Japan crew for a very fun and very cool night.

Back in sleepy Nara.

Friday 27 November 2015


Autumnal Sunday Ride

F-i-N making new friends in Naramachi.
A few shots from last Sunday's ride with Fixed in Nara down to Shoryaku-ji...

Rest stop.
Local traffic.
After what F-i-N called a "little" climb (it wasn't "little") we made up to the beautiful Shoryaku-ji Temple...

Shoryaku-ji 2
Shoryaku-ji 3
We weren't the only cyclists to have made the "little" climb, there were a few more serious roadies up there with serious roadie bikes...

Serious roadie bike, a full Dura Ace Trek.
A couple more photo opps on the way back up to Nara city...

Rest stop 2.
Beware of skaters.
F-i-N on point.
Back in Nara, we dropped into the superb Greed store to check out the current exhibition by artists Scumboy x Lifers...

Killer Monkey

Cheers as always to F-i-N and if you are ever in Nara be sure to check out the super cool Greed store.

F-i-N taking care of business.

Tuesday 24 November 2015

15-16 JCX#4 : Makino (KNS#4)



More here.

Ballooner By E.B.S

Last Saturday we dropped into the excellent Velo Life Unpeu in Osaka to check out the Ballooner range of mountain bikes and ATB's...

Made in Kyoto by E.B.S these bikes are super cool with every detail thought about, even offering an S and S coupler option for travelling...

And this lightweight MTB hardtail is ridiculously nice in person....

Check out the promotional video below and you can follow Ballooner via their Instagram feed for more of this kind of action.

BALLOONER -The REPACK among hills- from FURUTANI Atsushi on Vimeo.

Sunday 22 November 2015

Saturday 21 November 2015

3Rensho MTB

A curiosity spotted at the wonderful Eirin Cycle Marutamachi store in Kyoto last week. A rather rare 3Rensho aluminium MTB converted to a single speed...

As with most things 3Rensho the details were way ahead of their time, the internal cable routing on the head tube for example...

For more information on all things 3Rensho check out the superb Vintage 3Rensho Love blog.  Follow the Eirin Marutamachi store on their Instagram for more of this kind of thing.