Thursday 27 February 2014

Casualties (Hoffman Edition)

Spotted out in Osaka last week, this rather sad looking Hoffman BMX bike, still locked but looking somewhat the worse for wear...

Flat tyres, rusted pegs and what the hell happened to those grips?!...

Monday 24 February 2014

Random Photos

Round up of randomness from the past few weeks...

Out near the Heijo palace.
Kofuku-ji, Nara.
Shika in snow.
Shika in sunshine.
Shadow shika shot!
Sunshine over Nara.
Red skies over Mount Ikoma
Chillin' at Nara koen.
Sunset at Heijo
Blue skies over Todai-ji

And while out in Osaka last week we just happened to pass Droopy Dog. As you do...

I'm happy.

Thursday 20 February 2014

Velo Life Unpeu, Osaka

Velo Life Unpeu
While out in Osaka on Monday we paid a visit to the wonderful Velo life Unpeu store. Already a well established city and utility bike specialist shop they moved last year from Nakanoshima to a larger shop in the trendy Horie neighbourhood. The store is bright, spacious and full of some seriously nice mini-velos, folders and custom builds...

KHS folders and Gios mini velos.
Raleigh mini-velo
Bonnet Noir and Bruno mini-velos.
Custom build Moultons
Tyrell CX
The store are also dealers for the EBS brand, beautiful frames and bikes handbuilt in Kyoto...

EBS Float frame.
EBS Frame.
EBS Stuff bike
EBS Nee-Dle bike
EBS Float 451 Single.
EBS Float 451 Road.
EBS Float 451 Road.
EBS Work bike.
Choose your colour!
A great shop selling some unique bicycles, parts and accessories. Check out the shop blog for regular updates on their wonderful creations.


Tuesday 18 February 2014

Schwinn Monday!

Out in Osaka today we passed an unusually high number of Schwinn Bikes, both new and old models. Maybe just a coincidence but we are never ones to pass up a tentative reason to create a blog post so here they all are...

Rusted but funky Stingray.
By the time we passed this one we were getting a feeling there was some kind of Schwinn convention in town!...

When we arrived at our destination, Velo Life Unpeu (more about that later) in Horie and saw this "vintage" Schwinn Traveller parked outside we just knew we could link them all together in a post!

Photo courtesy of the wonderful Schwinn Cruisers site

Sunday 16 February 2014

Saturday 15 February 2014

Slush Spin

Another brief afternoon ride around Nara after the snow had stopped and the roads had turned to slush... 

Snowdai-ji Temple (see what we did there?!)
The loneliest snowman in the world.
Sunshine, almost.
Panorama of Nara park.

Mizutani Chaya Teahouse.
Muzutani jinja.

We will have the second part of that keirin guide up plus some photos from the Saitama Cycle Expo just as soon as we have cleaned the mud, sand and salt off of the Surly!