Sunday 21 April 2013

Guell Pottering Ride

The sun was shining for a delightful 30Km Saturday morning ride with the Guell crew through Nara heading up to the Shirakawa Dam.

Toshio's photo of our gentle start through the Nara Deer Park.
Ueda-San takes the climbs with ease!
Then a brief rest on the way up to the dam.

Time for a bit of Parkour practice up at the dam!

Toshio's Panorama shot of the dam.
Then back down the dam...
...Through the Nara countryside..
...Heading for sandwiches and coffee at the wonderful Savas Cafe in Nara.

 Arigato to Toshio, Ueda and the Guell Crew and a special thanks to the Savas Cafe in Nara.

Ps Get well soon Mr Toepfer!