Saturday 15 June 2013

An Osaka Afternoon

Like all good mad dogs and Englishmen we ventured out in the midday sun yesterday to take the Birdy Speed into a swelteringly hot Osaka in order to pay a visit to the Hutte Cycle Shop.
Quick rest near the National Museum Of Art

Located in a quiet neighborhood in Fukushima ward, Hutte is the sister shop of the popular Ame-Mura 8to8 Hatoya store...

Hutte Cycle Store
Hutte is chock full of beautiful high end bikes and frames holding a range that includes Salsa, Surly, All City , Hunter, Cielo and Kobe's own Vivalo Manager Ken is friendly and knowledgable and speaks much better English than I do Japanese! The store also does some very nice custom builds many of which can be viewed on their blog.

On the way back through the city we came across an impromptu anti nuclear demo making it's noisy way through town...

Then we passed quite a few interesting examples of bicycle parking, this is one of them...

Bike parking, Osaka style!