Thursday 11 July 2013

Guell Night Ride

The grand departure from the Guell store in Nara...
Last night we joined the Guell crew for a midweek night ride to Koriyama to get some udon noodles.

...The destination, an udon restaurant in Koriyama.

An estate agent sign provided a perfect parking spot!

Ready for the return journey...

Cool and deceptively fast 4ING cruiser.

Mr Toepfer  was setting his usual fast pace!
Kenji-san flying through the night, fixed, no brakes. Respect Kenji-san, respect!
 Back at Guell around midnight, Toshio and Susumu try out Kenji's bike...

A great, if almost unbearably hot night, taking in some fast riding, dark, dark streets and avoiding suspicious police! Arigato Toshio-san and the whole Guell crew.