Tuesday 2 July 2013

Nara Keirin Again...

We were back at Nara Keirin today for the first of a three day meeting.

Maybe it was the sunshine or the heat or the humidity but today we decided to not just spectate and take photos, no, today we were gambling!

Studying the form.
With the assistance of our brother-in-law and the advice of some very friendly regulars we managed to work our way through the somewhat complex betting system. You can chose a minimum of two riders and how they will finish, either a select order (1st, 2nd, etc) or any order. Then you decide how much you want to bet, we put a total of ¥500 on two combinations (2 and 7 or 5 and 9). Yeah, we know, big time, that's how we roll here in Kinki!

Then you take your ticket and join the rest of the suckers  sorry, punters on the stands...

Gambatte 2 and 7 (or 5 and 9!)

2 and 7 starting strong, could we be first time lucky...?

Now we would like to tell you that our cycling expertise really came into it's own today and we accurately predicted the outcome of the races, now we are living it large drinking Champagne and acting like Jay-Z. We would like to tell you that but unfortunately it's not true, we lost, only ¥500, but still a loss. We did come so tantalizingly close though, they came in 5,7 and 9. Still, there is always tomorrow...!

The heat was obviously getting to the riders!
Of course we were mainly there to study the bikes!