Sunday 20 October 2013

Fortnightly Pictures

It's been a while since we posted our weekly photos so here is a round up of randomness from the past few weeks...

Resting up over the Yodo river, Osaka.
Namba Hatch, Osaka.
Autumn is here in full force now with both the leaves and the temperature dropping...

Kasuga Shrine Gate
Autumn skies over Kofuku-ji

Sunseting over a local Nara scene.
A near deserted Nara koen after a typhoon had cleared.

Green tea ice cream on sale in Uji.
Autumn's arrival means more chances to ride now that the sweltering summer heat has gone...
Todai-ji, Nara.
One of Toshio-san's photos during our night ride last week.
Shadow shot taken on the Guell Kyoto ride.
Another view of Todai-ji
 And, of course, the Shika shot...

Dear Deer Here.