Thursday 6 February 2014

Random Photos

Some random photos taken over the past few weeks, mainly in and around Nara. We have been staying quite local recently and this is the reason...

This is Kiki-chan, a valued member of the KinkiCycle crew. Kiki-chan has been pregnant for the past couple of months and that is the reason we have been staying local and missing exciting events such as the Sakai Cyclocross. Thankfully both Bob Woods and the Bicycle Studio Movement guys were there and got some great shots of the action.
Anyway, we still got a few local rides in around Nara while we waited and waited and waited for Kiki-chan to give birth. Here are a few of the photos we took...

Afternoon spin around Nara koen
Sunset over Nara.
Nara koen.
Nandaimon (great southern gate) at Todai-ji.
A deserted Nara koen.
Fireworks over Mount Wakakusa during the annual Yamayaki festival.
Sunset at Heijo Palace.
This time of year it is deserted at the Heijo Palace too
And for all those interested, Kiki-chan finally gave birth last Saturday morning, a six hour labour leading to four kittens, mother and babies all doing fine. We may be staying local for the next few weeks!

Kiki-chan and family.