Monday 29 December 2014

Twenty Six Inch Sunday

The best ever bike shop sign.
An early afternoon ride around town with Pete. Representing the 26" movement because #26aintdead. We headed up past the juvenile prison...

Prison shot.

To the Uemura Ranch, a historic local dairy farm...

Farm shot.
You can read more about the farm over on Fixed in Nara who paid a visit there back in September.

A pony!
With the coming new year being the Year of the Sheep, we figure this little guy is going to be getting a lot of attention...

Back down into town and onto Mt. Wakakusa for a bit of off road action...

Roads. Like. These.
Pete. Chillin'.
Then back out on the streets where some welcome new driver advice signs have appeared...

Keep your f*ckin' distance.
Cheers to Pete and we leave you not with the traditional shika shot but something a little bit different..

It's your year baby!