Saturday 17 January 2015

Dirt Training

We joined up with Toshio-san and Mr Yasuhara last Wednesday for a bit of off road riding around some local "hidden" Nara trails...

Important pre-ride checks.
It started off quite gently as we headed out along the Nara Cycle Road...

A "gentle" pace,
And then, very quickly, we were in the dirt....

Rest stop 1.
Toshio's award winning Fuji Feather.
A few rest stops/location checks were needed...

Location check.
We took in some beautiful rural Nara scenery...

The middle of nowhere.

Rest stop 2.
Where's your head at?!
"We are here".
Yasuhara-san was flying through the difficult course...

Location check 2.
Toshio, in the distance.
A really fun and happily tiring day. Big thanks to Toshio-san and Yasuhara for his exceptional navigational skills.