Saturday 12 September 2015

Bicycle Maru, Nara

Bicycle Maru, Nara.
Whilst riding around town yesterday afternoon we passed a relatively new shop, Bicycle Maru. Located in a beautifully converted old Nara town house, Bicycle Maru sell Salsa as well as taking on repairs and offering custom builds...

Salsa Colossal.
Some very cool custom Salsa demo bikes available for test rides...

Salsa Ala Carte 1
Salsa Ala Carte 2.
A sweet Gary Fisher MTB frame hanging up inside...

 Fisher full bouncer..
Decent range of accessories and parts...

Grips and bits.
Headsets and helmets.
Saddles and safety.
In the work stand was a very nice Panasonic roadie. No ordinary Panasonic, this bike is signed by Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Panasonic...

A very special 'Sonic.
When the shop owner rides a full Campag De Rosa you know you're in a good shop...

De Rosa bling.
A brilliant, friendly, quirky shop selling some cool bikes and bits. Well worth seeking out when you are in Nara. Follow Bicycle Naru via their Facebook page.