Monday 30 November 2015

Chrome Industries 20th Anniversary Party

Combini stop to start the night right.
Last Friday we hooked up with Mike and F-i-N for a night ride in Osaka. Stopping off first at the Rapha store because they were having a black Friday sale and F-i-N is so roadie...

Rapha Osaka
Then it was on to Pine Brooklyn where Chrome Industries were having a 20th anniversary party...

Pine Brooklyn
A bunch of very cool bikes were racked up outside in the bicycle parking...

Of course there's a Cinelli Mash in there.
Locked up bikes.
Very, very cool bikes...

Seriously high end Low roadie
Inside Chrome had taken over the venue for a party and an exhibition...

Chrome 20 years

Chrome merch.
In collaboration with Hidden Champion magazine and a bunch of Japanese artists who each customised a Chrome Yalta backpack...

Inoue Jun
Koichiro Takagi
Mao Simmons
Toshikazu Nozaka
Ami Odawara
Skaters in the area.
Some of the guests were clearly enjoying the free bar...

Mike & F-i-N
By then it was time to head back to quiet little Nara. Cheers to Mike and Brad and the whole Chrome Japan crew for a very fun and very cool night.

Back in sleepy Nara.