Monday 21 December 2015

Sunday Ride To Kizu

Starting the morning right at Subrock Coffee.
A beautiful day in Nara yesterday and a chance to hook up with Pete and Brad for a ride out to Kizu...

Through the deserted  roads of Kizugawa.
Pete. Being Pete.
The destination was Euro Works La.Sista, a road and MTB shop (a full post from there will be up here later this week)...

Euro Works La.Sista.
And then out into the sunshine for the ride back to Nara...

Across the bridge.
Blue skies.
FiN in the SuN.
Homeward Bound.
A couple of outtakes from the day, sometimes it's not easy getting all these shots whilst being photobombed! Cheers, as always to Pete and Brad.

Send in the clowns...
...Don't bother, they're here.