Tuesday 8 March 2016

Cycle Mode Ride, Osaka

Tower of the Sun
Last weekend saw the Cycle Mode Ride event take place in the Expo Park 70 in Osaka...

The venue.
The premise of the show being that people could test ride all the bikes on offer. A great idea for the punters in the endless queues, a really shite idea for those of us there to photograph the bikes...

The endless queues.
Bicycle nerds everywhere!
Champion Systems.
Cycle insurance.
Nevertheless we did the best we could, trying to seek out the Japanese and interesting bikes amongst the sea of carbon roadies...

Naturally Shimano were there, sadly no word as yet on that new Dura Ace kit...

One of the real draws was the Cherubim stand who were showing off some their beautiful creations...

Elsewhere there were lots of high end road bikes from the likes of Pinarello...

Wiggo's bike.
Sfida bikes
Cycle Base Asahi had a huge display showing off some of their budget custom city bikes...

CB Asahi
Boma Bikes had a decent selection of their high end roadies on show...

Boma 1
Boma 2.
You couldn't have a bike show in Osaka without Panasonic...

Campag had a huge stand with their own branded demo bikes...

Campag demo bike.
Kemo 2
The standout booth for us was Grand Bois, locally made beautiful touring bicycles from Kyoto...

Grand Bois
Tucked away inside their booth was this beautiful vintage tourer made by the legendary Nara frame builder Iribe...

Grand Bois x Iribe.
A couple of demo Colnago bikes on the Woodman Components stand...

Colnago x Woodman.
Colnago x Woodman.
Anchor had a pretty big stand, sadly most of their bikes were being test ridden every time we stopped by...

Macchi Cycles
It wasn't all drop bars and skinny tyres, there were some wonderful and some downright weird creations dotted around the site...

Pimped Strida
Banana seat.
And now for something completely different. The Stringbike...

Stringbike roadie.
Sfida wheels
Campag wheels.
The Tri Sports stand had some good displays of all their imported goodies...

Enve composites
Far and Near
TNI parts
There will be other photos from the day posted here soon including more from Cherubim and Grand Bois.

Cycling Paradise Ehime.