Monday 8 August 2016

Crazy Bastards

Out in a very hot Kyoto last Wednesday with Andrew and Shohei, meeting up at Cycle Garden for an afternoon spin around town...

Cycle Garden.
Landmarks. Photo by Andrew.
Temperatures were hitting 40C, riding was difficult to say the least...

Shohei, somehow always managing to look cool. Photo by Andrew.
We made it across town to drop into Velo Stand Kyoto, now fully stocked with some beautiful EBS builds on display (more pics from VST later)...

Velo Stand Kyoto.
Then back out onto the painfully hot streets...

Track Stand.
Taking time to shoot a few street bikes...

Panasonic Mountain Cat.
A life saving combini stop, did we mention it was hot?

Combini stops.
Rounding things of with a stop at Eirin Cycle...

Eirin Cycle.
Vintage Urago @ Eirin.
A big thank you to Andrew and Shohei who had ridden to Kyoto from Osaka that very morning. Crazy bastards!

Osaka style parking.