Tuesday 27 September 2016

Sunday In Osaka

Alley cats.
Out in Osaka last Sunday with F-i-N & Andrew. Starting out in Tsuruhashi and a ride through Korean Town...

Behind that glass is a Terminator holding kimchi. Because it's Korea Town.
Heading for the Cycle Picnic event...

Cycle Picnic.
Lots to do and see with local and international bike companies showing off their wares...

Cycle Picnic 2.
Palm Garage
Cycle Picnic 3.
Then a ride downtown...

Heading for Horie and the "South" part of the picnic event where Corner Bikes were showing off their beautiful builds...

Corner Bikes roadbike
Tubes & Drop Outs.
Corner Bikes CX bike.
Vintage Claud Butler.
After that, because we hadn't seen quite enough bikes yet, a quick tour around some downtown bike shops. Starting with a quick stop at Tokyo Wheels...

Tokyo Wheels
Then on to 1Jyo...

Salsa Vaya.
And stopping in at Velo Life Unpeu...

Crazy Sheep mini velo.
Crazy Sheep MTB (& F-i-N being offensive)
EBS mini velo
Snapping a very expensive coffin on the way back to Namba station...

Surly X Penis Extension.
We have tons more photos from the day, seriously tons. They'll be milked out here for content over the coming weeks. Cheers as always to Brad, Andrew and all the cool people at the Cycle Picnic.