Thursday 15 December 2016

Saturday Osaka Rollin'

A boredom busting trip to Osaka last Saturday. First stop the ever wonderful Nakazaki Eights...

...To hook up with the IPA Crew...

Andrew's 'Sonic.

Hiroshi's Makino.

Taku's M Idea.
A chance to shoot some bikes...

Fairdale Taj.

Fairdale custom by Eights.
Then a dusk ride through the city, passing some landmarks on the way...

Sky Building.
A pit stop for the IPA Crew at the piss takingly expensive Craft Beer Base...

Dismount in style.

The Crew, loaded with beers and lighter of cash.
Back out onto the streets...

Shooting more bikes at Brotures...

Brotures bikes.

Leader roadbike at Brotures.

Leader, Leader, Leader etc.
Finishing with a coffee and a few more bike shots at Giracha...

Rene's very cool, very rare Cinelli CMX (more shots here soon!)

Giracha custom 'Sonic.
A very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon! Cheers to Andrew, Hiroshi and Taku.

Trackstands for days (and nights).