Friday 28 June 2013

News And Stuff...

As we may have mentioned previously it is rainy season here in Japan, hence the lack of posts recently but  a welcome break in the rains this afternoon gave us the chance to get out and test our new Surly Cross Check around Nara. We picked up the bike from Guell last week, spent a few days making some modifications (riser bars, thumb shifters, V-brakes)  and took it on a few short rides around town.

The Surly will come in very handy when we join the Guell crew for the 100K ride to Shiga next month. Riding from the Nara shop to the recently opened Guell Shiga store. And back again!

Dramatic skies over Todaiji today.
Photo opportunity while cooling off in the forest.
A few changes occurring in the Osaka cycle world. The Ame Mura based shop 8to8 is relocating to Matsuyamachi. We'll be sure to check out their new shop when it opens next week. Ocean Cycle Factory have also relocated from their Horie, Osaka store to a new shop in Ikoma, Nara prefecture and the wonderful Velo Life Unpeu have moved to a new location in Minami Horie, Osaka. We will be updating our shop pages once we have visited the new shops.

We leave you with the obligatory Nara shika photo from our ride today, awww, Etc.