Wednesday 7 August 2013

Guell Night Ride (Slight Return)

Last night we hooked up with the Guell crew for a night ride. The original plan was to drive to the Guell Shiga store and ride around the lake Biwa area. A great plan, we loaded up Toshio-san's truck and headed for Shiga. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas, a torrential downpour as we passed Kyoto forced us to head back to Nara for a late night ride through town to Koriyama.

The destination was a "American style" diner that boasted a huge car park...

...And a tiny bicycle parking space!

After that, a ride back to Nara trough the quiet and seriously dark streets. A brief stop at a combini for ice pops gave Susumu and Toshio a chance to try out Brad's Nagasawa fixie...

A great night had by all regardless of the weather. Arigato Toshio-san and the Guell crew.