Monday 22 December 2014

Kansai Cyclocross, Ikoma

The load out.
We spent last Saturday up in the Ikoma mountains supporting our very good friend Toshio-san as he took part in his first cyclocross race, part of the Kansai Cyclocross season. It was cold. It was wet. It was muddy. It was also a ton of fun...

Test runs.
The day started with a cyclocross school and a test ride of the course...

Toshio-san testing the course.
Very technical.
Right on cue, around midday, the rains arrived...

No sign of pre-race nerves.
Bikes. Many bikes.
Some good omens for Toshio with his allocated race number...

Toshio-san, officially ichiban!
By the 2pm time of Toshio's race, everything and everyone was soaked through...

Lining up.
Waiting, waiting...
And they're off!
A flying start.
Cornering technique.
Easy does it.
Game face.
Go! Go! Go!
We moved around the course to try to get as many good action shots as we could. By this time it was pouring down with rain making photography a little bit difficult to say the least..

Toshio across the water.
Christmas is coming.
Go Toshio, go!
Did we mention it was muddy?
Toshio in the distance.
Rain on the lens.
More mud action.
Still pushing.
Mr Christmas.
Yay! A shot in focus, well, almost.
Monochrome mud.
The loneliness of the long distance crosser.
This little hill was a real killer.
Keep pushing dude.
Toshio-san, game face.
Nice bike, very nice bike.
Getting foggy now.
Into the fog.
Final action shot.
The man...
...The bike...
...The hose down.
A very big thank you to Toshio-san and well done on your first, very difficult cross race. We have a stack more shots from the day that we will post here over the next week.