Friday 27 November 2015

Autumnal Sunday Ride

F-i-N making new friends in Naramachi.
A few shots from last Sunday's ride with Fixed in Nara down to Shoryaku-ji...

Rest stop.
Local traffic.
After what F-i-N called a "little" climb (it wasn't "little") we made up to the beautiful Shoryaku-ji Temple...

Shoryaku-ji 2
Shoryaku-ji 3
We weren't the only cyclists to have made the "little" climb, there were a few more serious roadies up there with serious roadie bikes...

Serious roadie bike, a full Dura Ace Trek.
A couple more photo opps on the way back up to Nara city...

Rest stop 2.
Beware of skaters.
F-i-N on point.
Back in Nara, we dropped into the superb Greed store to check out the current exhibition by artists Scumboy x Lifers...

Killer Monkey

Cheers as always to F-i-N and if you are ever in Nara be sure to check out the super cool Greed store.

F-i-N taking care of business.