Thursday 16 June 2016

Daisy Messenger, Nagoya

Daisy Messenger
A bunch of photos taken at the brilliant Daisy Messenger in Nagoya earlier this month...

Daisy Messenger is a bicycle courier service, a bicycle workshop, a screen printing t-shirt shop, a mobile cycle repair service and a very cool place to hang out...

The mobile cycle repairs are carried out using this very nice Hunter Cycles workbike...

Hunter Cycles 1.
Hunter Cycles 2.
Hunter Cycles 3.
Inside the store is a well equipped and busy workshop...

Tool Board.
A ridiculously cool sound system and record collection...

A gold mine of bikes hang from the rafters...

Frame Porn.
All around there are some super cool frames and bikes...

Kuwahara BMX.
Vicious Cycles.
Kona Humuhumu
A superb shop/workshop/service, well worth a visit. A big thank you to Sal-san for taking time to chat with us and letting us take all these photos. You can follow Daisy Messenger via their Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Blog pages.

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