Thursday 1 December 2016

All City Cycles Osaka Nightride

All City Cycles are in Japan on tour! On Tuesday they had a night ride through Osaka, we went along and took our usual blurry night ride shots...

Party Brand overload at 1Jyo
Hooking up with the IPA Crew for a quick coffee at Nakazaki Eights...

Sonic X Cappuccino. 
 Before meeting up with the Motocross International & All City crews for the ride...

The meet up.
 Starting off heading downtown...

Track stands for days.
Through the Christmas lights...

Neon lights, shimmering neon lights.

Andrew, still standing.

Rolling into Dotonbori.

Macho Man meets Glico Man.

F-i-N at the crossing, waiting to sell his soul!
A few photo opportunities in Tenno-ji...



A real photographer.
 The essential combini stop...

Combini life.

 And back out on the streets...


Rolling into Shitenno-ji.

Corner boys.

Just before the hill climb sprinting began, check out Masahiro's knowing smile.
Ending the night with beer and pizza...

F-i-N takes his whiskey very seriously.

A truly amazing night. A huge thank you to BradAndrewNate and Jeff from All City, The Motocross International crew, Masahiro for his navigation and guidance, the Toyo Frame crew, Spark Scone & BicycleYokoTaigoodTakeshiKenhi81 for planning the very cool route and everyone who came out for what was a fantastic night of riding.